MITH joins


We are thrived to welcome the MITH community to be part of the Corra family. MITH is one of the most widely accepted tokens in Asia with a market cap of 44m USD and 18m USD 24-hour trading volume. It is listed on the top exchanges including Binance and OKEx. The project was founded by Jeff Huang, co-founder of M17 Entertainment, a leading live streaming platform in Asia. To make the transition as smooth as possible, Jeff Huang will be joining as a strategic advisor and will continue to funnel new use cases for MITH.

How will MITH joining Corra benefit MITH community?

In the traditional market, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a common way for two companies to bond as one through financial interest. However, since the majority of early crypto projects lack a sustainable business model, the core value of the project is within the community. Therefore, MITH joining Corra wouldn’t involve any financial interest, but rather through the merge of community to further grow the use case of MITH backed by the business model provided by Corra. Corra will introduce NFT and DeFi use cases around MITH, and further strengthen the value of MITH.

How will the transition take place?

The Team at Corra will take over the social media platforms at MITH. All MITH future roadmap and product use cases will be developed by Corra. Jeff Huang will stay as a strategic advisor at and provide the necessary resources needed to align interest between Corra and MITH.

What to expect in the coming months? will be releasing its products to showcase how NFT can be used in the DeFi space. We will establish partnerships with reputable DeFi projects to strengthen their business model, develop NFT products to grow their community, bring higher yield to their product, and increase interaction between their users. We believe Corra can bring a sustainable revenue stream for existing DeFi projects, a core problem that many DeFi projects are currently facing. With the support from existing strategic investors and advisors, the team at Corra is confident to deliver a game-changing product that can bring a positive impact to the DeFi space. is a plug-and-play platform that enables the monetization of digital content using NFT technology.